The Northwest Food Show has partnered with Oregon-based distributor, McDonald Wholesale, to provide a platform for you to pitch your product! Over the years, our regional food show has attracted purveyors of all sizes to showcase their products to foodservice owners and operators throughout the Pacific Northwest. With many of the products featured annually in our emerging products section, we have become aware of a growing need to facilitate collaboration with vendors and operators, by making the connection through distribution.

Pitch it, Shark Tank Style!

Taking place on Monday, June 27 at the Northwest Food Show, selected applicants will have the opportunity to take the stage in front of the audience and decision-makers at McDonald Wholesale. You will have a 10-minute live pitch for your product and the opportunity to field questions. Deliberations will occur and vendors will be notified of selection at the close of the live programming. This is a limited opportunity with only one vendor being selected for distribution.

What exactly is the opportunity?

McDonald Wholesale has a sales team of over 30 foodservice professionals that have current customers, contacts, and potential customers in Oregon and Washington. With a highly efficient warehouse that tracks items from receiving to delivery of all items, they will provide each emerging partner, with access to monthly sales meetings for introducing, making contacts, obtaining leads, and training their sales team.

Partnership includes:
  • McDonald Wholesale has a sales team of over 30 foodservice professionals that have current customers, contacts and potential customers in the state of Oregon.
  • McDonald Wholesale has a highly efficient warehouse and warehouse system that tracks products from receiving to delivery.
  • McDonald Wholesale will give the winner of Pitch the Distributor access to their monthly sales meetings for introducing, making contacts, obtaining leads and training of their sales team.
  • Winning vendor receives placement in both of their annual food shows (Spring and Fall) with a full booth at each show, to make contacts, show item(s), educate customers and prospects with potential to get product placements with preferential placement in the food Shows for maximum visibility.
  • Winning vendor will receive full use of their marketing department, in social media, business outreach, and personalized flyers for McDonald Wholesale use.
  • Winning vendor will receive monthly or quarterly sales tracking reports showing cases sold.
  • Total term for Vendor Partner is 12 full months of support from McDonald Wholesale (unless early termination is mutually agreed upon by both Partners).

For nearly a century, McDonald Wholesale has been delivering food distribution and restaurant supply solutions with honesty, integrity and reliability. McDonald Wholesale delivers nationally branded products, as well as family farm-owned food producing companies that meet the needs of their clients.

McDonald Wholesale focuses on local food distribution, which allows them to bring better service and greater savings to our partners. They excel in the casual and family dining arena with one goal in mind: to provide fresh ingredients to their customers with excellent service.


We thank you for inquiring about becoming a partner with McDonald Wholesale. We value relationships and the benefits they bring to our customer base.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • We will only look at items that are produced or packaged under FDA or USDA licensed and approved commercial manufacturing facilities that possess a variety of food safety certifications including HACCP rules and practices.
  • All items- if applicable, must be able to produce nutritional information, ingredient lists, allergen information on all items. This includes certifications for diet-specific, Kosher, Halal, etc. Copies of certifications will need to be provided and on file.
  • The vendor must be able to produce sales sheets with sales pertinent information on nutritional’s, ingredients, serving suggestions, cooking instructions, etc. for our sales team to sell.
  • The vendor must be willing to give samples and training to the sales team for them to solicit sales at no cost to McDonald Wholesale.
  • Vendors must fill out a product specification sheet to outline item information, case dimensions, cubes, temperature zone, shelf life at manufacturing, and guaranteed shelf life for McDonald Wholesale.
  • Vendors must fill out a vendor form, outlining their contacts for payables, sales rep or sales contact, phone, and fax info for placing orders, pick up or delivered pricing program, and locations for that function.
  • Vendors must provide product liability insurance (minimum of $1,000,000.00) naming McDonald Wholesale and all affiliates on the policy. See “Certificate of Insurance” page.
  • Vendor must have product currently in production and warehoused in foodservice packaging and available for ordering and shipping for foodservice distribution.
  • The vendor must have the ability to participate in 6 all-company general sales meetings held in Eugene, Oregon, and at least 1 district meeting per year in each sales district.
  • Production quantities, scalability, lead times from ordering to receiving must not exceed 14-day order cycles.
  • If a direct purchase/delivery relationship, pricing, and minimums must be consistent with being able to build volume starting from ground zero in sales
  • All applications must be received by April 15, 2022. Applicants picked to take the stage will be notified by May 15, 2022
  • Vendor must be an exhibitor in the 2022 Northwest Food Show.


    In order to apply, you must be a current exhibitor in this year's show. Please click here for more info about becoming an exhibitor in the Northwest Food Show.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 100.
  • Please make sure you include the http:// when submitting your video.

Disclosure: Vendors must provide product liability insurance naming McDonald Wholesale and all affiliates on the policy. McDonald Wholesale Co. requires all suppliers to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance before any of the supplier’s products are purchased.  If you are selected to pitch your product at the Northwest Food Show for a distribution opportunity with McDonald Wholesale, the minimum amount of liability insurance required is $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in aggregate on products manufactured or sold by the supplier. We will ask you to list “McDonald Wholesale Co., its subsidiaries, affiliates, and divisions” as the certificate holder and also list the same as additional insured.

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